How to get out of my slumps…

How to get out of my slumps…

So, sometimes I get into a slump, we all do. So here are some of the ways that help me to cheer up. Not everything works for everyone, so this isn’t a fail safe guide. When you find something that works for you, stick with it.

  1. I get OUT OF BED
    1. If I’m feeling low, the best thing I can do for myself is to get up, and move around.
  2. I make breakfast or a cup of tea or coffee
    1. even just making a tea encourages me to do other important thngs
  3. I clean the house
    1. A weird one I know, but i know that when my house is untidy, I feel worse. And the best thing after i’m done, is that i feel accomplished. obviously some days this is definitely not on the list.
  4. I pamper myself
    1. whether it be a shower, shaving my legs, a face mask or putting on a face of full glam, taking care of myself makes me feel good.
  5. I come up with blog post ideas
    1. some of my favourite posts have come about when I’m feeling down. In my head I think “what advice would I give to someone in my shoes right now”
  6. I tell my partner that I love him, or i give someone else a compliment
    1. I think about what would cheer me up, and I do or say that to someone else. I don’t like it when the people i love are feeling low, so i do what I can to prevent that.
  7. do one of my hobbies
    1. I’m a bit of a nerdy person at heart. I love to read or play Sims…
  8. admittedly, sometimes I shop
    1. now, i don’t like to do this one all the time for obvious reasons, But very occasionally I will splurge on that one special thing I’ve been eyeing off for a long time. Like the white netball shoes in one of my previous posts.
  9. I talk to my friends
    1. i don’t talk to them to tell them all my problems, i talk to them because giving them someone to talk to about things makes me happy. Helping people makes me happy.
  10. I organise
    1. and organised life is a less cluttered life and a less cluttered mind. I’m generally a neat person, but sometimes my anxiety shows in my mess. being organised makes my mind feel organised-the next step is to keep it that way 😉


Like I said, i expect people to say “pfft!, Shopping!?, what a silly ignorant girl” but this is what works for me. I don’t earn a lot of money and so of course I’ll do things that don’t cost anything. But I hope maybe, someone can relate, or even take away some ideas

until next time…

What about all the good stuff…

What about all the good stuff…

So I’ve Talked a lot recently about talking and being positive about yourself, but think i need to be able to recognise all the things I have achieved recently, especially with all the hard things going on at the moment.

I’ve realised that some of the smallest things make me happy. I’m the type of person that never takes for granted something small. For weeks and weeks i’ve been needing to repair my car…..not a cheap thing to do. So I had organised MY FIRST CREDIT CARD. That was scary enough. Up until now I wouldn’t trust myself enough to be able to handle a credit card because I LOOVE shopping…. a lot of women and girls do, and there is nothing wrong with that!

so basically, the biggest feat recently, was paying for my car repairs entirely out of my own pocket. I did not expect how good that would feel. It Feels INCREDIBLE. Such a simple thing and yet it made me feel so good. I was able to pay for something so large, with my own money.

So, then next thing… the credit card. such a long, scary and daunting process just to do the application. Once i had finally finished the application after speaking to the bank and the ATO about HECS and car finance, I finally recieved the email that said “we will get back to you within 3 business days”. So 6 days go past (business days) and i start freaking out, thinking i must have a terrible credit history and they’ve decided to reject me. But finally, on the seventh business day, I get the email saying that I’ve been accepted!

So, the next one might be quite minor to some. For those who haven’t read my previous posts, i love netball. I also LOVE shoes. I also love wearing nice netball shoes when im playing. To be honest with you, I actually hate the bright coloured shoes around at the moment…It just doesn’t match our uniforms very well. For a couple of years now, I’ve been trying to find a nice white pair of netball sneakers. You wouldn’t believe it, but it was so hard! So one day I was browsing through Catch of the Day, and came across a Nike sale page. I was scrolling through, and found the perfect pair of white court shoes! Mind you, they were classed as tennis shoes, but  figured, if they are good enough for tennis, then they must be fine for netball. So, I bought them.

My drivers licence expired a month ago. I went online to pay for 1 year, but realised I had to actually ring someone if i wanted to change my duration to one year instead of 10… I despise ringing people on the phone. I wish everything could be done by email. So, I decided, “why the hell not” and I paid for 10 years. another really small thing to feel good about.

Finally, I had decided to pull myself together and get organised at work. I orders pads, pens, whiteboards, the lot! After doing this, I felt great!

Now, whats the common factor with each of these scenarios? Yes, they all cost money. Now I’m not here to say “money creates happiness”. No, wrong. But, what I realised is that the money I was spending was good money. I was spending money on things that were important. I wasn’t wasting my money on stupid things. For the first time in a long time I felt like an adult who could control their lives, and felt secure in my situation.

You can’t always expect everyone to congratulate you on simple things. It’s not their job. People need to recognise when they do good in life. Some things are hard for people. Something as simple as paying rent can be a struggle, so why not give congratulations when you achieve that goal. When my partner comes home from work without a story about how silly people can be, I say “good on you babe, I’m glad today went well”

being proud of yourself is a vital step in overcoming any mental illness. I’m not saying you need to be stuck up and rude, but acknowledge when you have done something well, or you’ve met that goal you set 3 years ago.

It’s a long and hard process to be fully content and happy with yourself if you’ve ever struggled with mental illness. So maybe If someone you know is struggling, tell them a reason why you’re proud of them. Maybe they need just a little nudge of confidence for them to begin to realise their potential.

until next time…

Guys I failed…

Guys I failed…


I failed my challenge!!

I got to day 9 and then just forgot. I FORGOT TO COMPLIMENT MYSELF! I think it just makes me realise how I don’t give myself as much love, care and attention that I do everyone else in my life.

Basically, I love making people happy. It bring me joy to know that I’ve helped make someone’s day that little bit better, all the while, forgetting about my self.

I really struggled to say something positive everyday for 9 days… I could not find 10 compliments for myself…

this is the lesson I’ve learnt from this failed challenge…. because you always learn from “failure” or more appropriately…. difficult lessons. I’ve learnt that I need to step up and make sure I love myself. I can’t love others properly until I love myself.

Until next time…

Positive talk day 9

Positive talk day 9

So after over a week of positive posting, I’m realising I’m finding it difficult to keep finding something positive to say. It shouldn’t actually be that hard. I don’t have to write whole inspiring posts to be positive talk, I should simply be making sure I have something positive to say about myself.

This challenge was more for myself than any readers, to see if I could actually do it, and to inspire people to be positive about themselves also.

So today, my positive thought is, I am of value, I am useful and I am worth it. And L’Oréal products are great…….😪 sad attempt at a joke there. But L’Oréal have got it right. I am worth it! We are all worth it 😉

Positive talk day 8

Positive talk day 8

Sometimes I feel like I’ve run out of nice things to say to, or about myself. However, today was not a bad day. Today I accomplished some of what I wanted to. Now, some people may think this isn’t something positive, but the fact that I was awake, with no headache, not running off iced coffee, is a very good thing.

So frequently I feel exhausted at work, and I even consider quitting my job. Today I felt good.

Last night I finally went and saw my doctor and explained what had been going on. We made a plan, and even the smallest step in the right direction, has made me have one of the best days I’ve had in a very long time 👌🏻

Day 7 positive talk

Day 7 positive talk

Sometimes pushing yourself to go harder can actually wear yourself it. If realised that if I want to be happy in life with good friends and a happy family, I need to remember what I’m doing things for.

I’ve said to my netball girls before, the happier you are, and the more you’re enjoying netball, the better they will play as a team.

I feel like it’s the same with every day life. If I’m constantly forcing myself to work just because I have to, then I’m not going to be enjoying it. How can someone perform their best when they are unhappy?

I need to create happiness myself. I’m the one who controls how I feel. I’m the one who controls how I react to something. I am the one who controls me. No one else. I’m the one who can make this life a happy life to live.

I’m the one who controls me 🙂

Day 6 positive talk

Day 6 positive talk

So often I feel as though I’m not really worth second glance, or a second thought. I’m exceptionally average at everything I do.

I can do anything well, but I’m never the best. I’m okay looking, but I’m not a stunner, I can cook some things, but others I cannot master.

I’m just average…

but, as we are being positive here… I will say… I am strong. I am independent. I am worth something. I am motivated. I am unique and I am me. I am extraordinary, because I am the only one of me!