Pictorial Inspiration

Below is a collection of photos that when i look at them, make me feel calm and free. They make me think about why or how something like that has occurred.  It makes me think of a backstory, like why is that a triangle shape, or I wonder what time they were out fishing this morning?

It’s September, It’s miserable outside, It’s cold inside and out, the blue sky is hidden behind the grey mass of clouds…..and yet… This is when Canola shines it’s brightest.IMG_0812

My thoughts when I took this photo “how brilliant is this view!” followed close behind by “If i were to jump, this would be the perfect place to do it…” The last thought i had “Why would i ever want to give up this feeling of being on top of the world. What a stunning place to be alive”IMG_0809

Grey sky, Dry grass….as soon as you add barbed wire, it’s instantly an award winner right?…IMG_2151

This is Called the Pink Lake…not sure why…22471969_10155053115751958_1454459420_o

This was taken at a time when i was truly care free, for a fleeting moment until i realised i could very easily drop my phone through the cracks of the jetty IMG_1536

All the Fishing boats in the bay. If you look closely you can see a Tinny coming back from hopefully a successful morning. We however, did not come home with an esky full of fish..IMG_1604

A freezing cold, and foggy morning out in the Mallee. The frost was so thick it looked like a thin coat of snow. The sunrise behind the trees is so rich, it almost looks like a fire raging.

Another Freezing morning in this place I call home. How beautiful the sunrise looks. It actually looks like someone painted the sky.