Change is good. The situation in which change happens, may not be good, but if the event causes change then how can that be bad?

I’ll try to explain a bit better,

I’ve recently been thinking back on some of the life changing events in my life. Those events where your whole life is turned upside down, and inside out and then you get pushed in a direction that you never imagined, or wanted to go.

Once I think back, and really think about some of these events, they happened at the right times in my life, when change was needed.

I’ve started to believe that, when a person needs change, they will unknowingly send themselves signals, and when our conscious minds dont take the hint, then something happens.

For example, during one of my relationships, I would stress myself out about where he was, what he was doing, who he was with. My body was telling myself that I needed change. I would worry myself sick!! My mind wasn’t in the right state to be able to initiate the change, so my body took over. I wasn’t picking up on the signals I was sending myself.

One day, I exploded, mentally that is, and things went downhill from there. In the end we broke up, I lost 99 percent of my friends and moved away…. Looking back I needed that. I needed that, to be my healthy self again. Deep in my mind, I knew things were not right with the relationship but I didnt pick up on the signs I was sending myself…

The moral of the story, listen to your health, listen to your gut…and listen to your mind. If something doesn’t feel right, if things are going wrong, even the smallest things, then listen. Sit and really think, is it time for change?

Until next time…


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