How to get out of my slumps…

How to get out of my slumps…

So, sometimes I get into a slump, we all do. So here are some of the ways that help me to cheer up. Not everything works for everyone, so this isn’t a fail safe guide. When you find something that works for you, stick with it.

  1. I get OUT OF BED
    1. If I’m feeling low, the best thing I can do for myself is to get up, and move around.
  2. I make breakfast or a cup of tea or coffee
    1. even just making a tea encourages me to do other important thngs
  3. I clean the house
    1. A weird one I know, but i know that when my house is untidy, I feel worse. And the best thing after i’m done, is that i feel accomplished. obviously some days this is definitely not on the list.
  4. I pamper myself
    1. whether it be a shower, shaving my legs, a face mask or putting on a face of full glam, taking care of myself makes me feel good.
  5. I come up with blog post ideas
    1. some of my favourite posts have come about when I’m feeling down. In my head I think “what advice would I give to someone in my shoes right now”
  6. I tell my partner that I love him, or i give someone else a compliment
    1. I think about what would cheer me up, and I do or say that to someone else. I don’t like it when the people i love are feeling low, so i do what I can to prevent that.
  7. do one of my hobbies
    1. I’m a bit of a nerdy person at heart. I love to read or play Sims…
  8. admittedly, sometimes I shop
    1. now, i don’t like to do this one all the time for obvious reasons, But very occasionally I will splurge on that one special thing I’ve been eyeing off for a long time. Like the white netball shoes in one of my previous posts.
  9. I talk to my friends
    1. i don’t talk to them to tell them all my problems, i talk to them because giving them someone to talk to about things makes me happy. Helping people makes me happy.
  10. I organise
    1. and organised life is a less cluttered life and a less cluttered mind. I’m generally a neat person, but sometimes my anxiety shows in my mess. being organised makes my mind feel organised-the next step is to keep it that way 😉


Like I said, i expect people to say “pfft!, Shopping!?, what a silly ignorant girl” but this is what works for me. I don’t earn a lot of money and so of course I’ll do things that don’t cost anything. But I hope maybe, someone can relate, or even take away some ideas

until next time…


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